Emmaus is the symbol of a dream of perfection and the reality of fullness. Emmaus Public School came into existence as the fulfillment of the committment of MCBS Emmaus Province to the time and society. The school follows CBSE syllabus (affiliated to CBSE Delhi, affiliation No. 931222) and is located in the district of Kottayam, in the Panchayat of Panachikkad, almost 5 kilometers away from Kottayam city. As an educational institution, the school promotes a wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities, making learning a pleasant and promising experience. Here, the students imbibe spiritual virtues and moral values which lead them to a higher mission and brighter vision. The school provides modern infrastructural facilities, well-qualified and experienced faculty, committed and dedicated staff....etc, all under the direct patronage of the MCBS Emmaus Provincial House.


With the motto Information, Formation And Transformation Emmaus Public School builds dreams and moulds lives. Human life goes through a continual process of information. A child is first informed of whatever the curriculum demands, the values of life, the way one should act, deal with others and that the truth of life is struggling and achieving. Thus, one is formed to accept the realities of life and to be a mature person. Once this formationis complete, the process of transformationshould take place. Subsequently, he/she is transformed into a courageous, disciplined, noble and well prepared person to face the challenges of the world with deep trust in God, lighting the candle of hope for millions of fellowtravelers giving their share to transform the world at large.


  • Better development of the society through world class education
  • Spriritual, intellectual, mora, psychological and social developments of the children.
  • Quality education to children irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
  • To mould ideal citizens with the awareness of justice, truth, love, peace, dignity, religious harmony, national integration..etc.